Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Second Grade Musical!

For those of you who wandered over here from my other blog, this is the stage where I death gripped a ladder as it slid down the giant wall of paper. How high was I? Let me put it this way - If I was in the below picture on said ladder, you could only see my calves and feet sticking out from that tan curtain on the top of the photo. That's also why the paper is a tad wrinkly.

And yes, that adorable little gal followed by three boys is my daughter and one of the stars of the show. No, she's not short. Those boys are just freakishly tall. I suppose that's why they were cast in the roles as teachers. I think my daughter got the role because she's really bossy.

Everything piece of scenery you see here was created with giant rolls of paper, paint, staples, velcro tape, pink insulating 4' x 8' foam sheets from Home Depot and an overhead projector. Except for a little bit of shading here and there, it takes no great artistic skills to create this set - just a little imagination and several boxes of staples. The car, beach ball, tent and "Play Ball" sign are all cut out of the foam sheets with a box cutter. It gives the set dimension. It also allows me to work on stuff in my garage instead of the school gym. Today was the first performance. Tomorrow night is the big show. Can't wait!

This looks way cuter when it's covered with kids wearing baseball uniforms.

Here's the tent in progress.


Wendy said...

Cute set! Did the kids like it?

And tell me, does your daughter sign autographs?

katdish said...

Thanks. The kids loved it. One of the things I like most about painting kids rooms, sets, whatever, is that you get an honest reaction to your work. They haven't yet learned to hide what they really think.

You know, she would probably be really shy if someone asked her, then would brag about it to her dad, brother and me.

Helen said...

Katdish, your work is awesome!
I am going to start begging Bob for an overhead projector.

Yeah, yeah....that's what she said....