Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ralph Lauren Leather Finish

This master bedroom was my first attempt at a leather faux finish. If you're going to attempt this, I have a bit of advice before you get started:
  1. If you tend to be a perfectionist; a detail oriented person, attempting this finish may drive you a little crazy. Different parts of the wall are going to look different -- that's sort of the point.

  2. Ralph Lauren makes a quality product, but the glaze dries very quickly. It is nearly impossible to do this finish by yourself. It's really a two person job: One person to apply the paint, and another to use the stipple tool to work the glaze into the wall. I think I may have given up had my friend and fellow painter Desiree not been there to help and encourage me.

  3. Even with two painters and a good system worked out, there will still be some places where you will have to go back and feather out the lines.
Have I talked you out of it yet? I hope not! But seriously, do a rather large sample board before you attempt to tackle this project on a large scale!

First, you apply the base coat:

I forget the name of this color, but it is a really great shade.

Then you must complete the dreaded and horrid task of taping the molding. I HATE taping! But you just have to tape when you're doing a faux finish. If someone knows a way around it, please let me know! After that treachery is finished, your ready to faux. The stippling tools are VERY EXPENSIVE, but you only have to buy them once. Bite the bullet and get quality tools. That goes for brushes and paint, too. I'm all about finding bargains, but cheap paint and brushes end up making more work for you in the long run. My favorite paint? Benjamin Moore, baby!

I think we should have painted the ceiling, too. But time was of the essence as they were moving in the following day. I may give the client a call back when I slow down a bit and see if they are willing to let me paint it. I would probably recommend a lighter or contrasting shade up there. Maybe even a lightish shade of blue. What do you think?


Helen said...

I think it looks great. I'd be jealous, but then I am too much of a clutterbug to really appreciate something of that magnitude in my home.
What I am saying is that my clutter would take away from the decor..

Wendy said...

Looks faboo!

Have you ever tried adding Floetrol to your glaze to have more open time?

katdish said...

Helen -

It actually detracts from the clutter. Works great in my bathroom!

Wendy -

Seriously? It doesn't cloud the color of the glaze? I'll have to try that. Of course, I suppose I could always just add clear glaze...

Wendy said...

I haven't run into the problem of the glaze clouding with the floetrol before. Adding more glaze could help you out. What ratio are you using now?

katdish said...

Wendy -

The RL glaze is pre-mixed. When I mix my own, I start at 50/50 and then play around with it. I did another leather finish in their study where I mixed my own glaze and it certainly gave me more working time. Faux finishes are tricky. You can follow the directions to a tee, but you just kinda have to feel it out on your own because the wall texture determines a lot of how you put the glaze on, or pull it off, as the case may be...

Wendy said...

Have you ever faux'd with oil base? So stinky, but stinkin' fun!

Elaina M. Avalos said...

Wow, gorgeous. I worked for an interior designer/architect for awhile and I loved some of the finishes like this that they did. It looks really beautiful.

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