Friday, January 8, 2010

Ocean Blue with an aged finish

Husband wants a sky blue laundry room with clouds. Wife wants the laundry room to flow with the rest of the house.


Take the subtle teal-blue tones from the faux tile fireplace niche I painted for them in the family room into the laundry room,

then give it an aged finish that will somewhat mimic the faux finish I painted for them in the kitchen.

The picutres aren't great, and I want to get some more after they decorate in there. I suggested a travel theme with vintage, aged travel posters and old maps. If I get back over there, I'll post some updated shots.

The finish is pretty straight forward. Base coat with blue satin paint, then glaze over with burnt umber glaze. Moving the washer and dryer and getting behind there? Not so easy...