Friday, November 7, 2008

My funky laundry room

With the exception of my kid's rooms, most of my house is some shade of red, sage green or tan. The common areas are muted shades, but I wanted to go bright in the laundry room.


Helen said...

I want to paint a room lilac. I know it sounds weird, but before we sold my mom's house, we accidently painted my old room lilac (the color chart looked pink), and it looked so beautiful, I want to paint my dining room lilac now. We bought this house a couple of years ago (tan) and it had been freshly painted, so the kitchen doesn't really need it. And my husband has his doubts about a lilac kitchen. Sigh. I am not kidding by the way, so if it sounds weird, sorry. Do you think it sounds weird. Lilac walls wit white trim and ceiling. I think the white trim brings it back to conventional boundaries (which my husband likes in decor) doesn't it?

Pam said...

Kathy~ I like the funky laundry room and the quote~ and to Helen~ paint it lilac and see how it works, that's the beauty of paint, you can always have a do-over! On a side note~ we have been painting at the church and the group that was in charge of picking colors and such, went with various shades of orange which sounded pretty funky to me, but it actually turned out good~ which is probably why they were picked to decorate and I was picked to execute~ we all have our talents! lol!

katdish said...



1) What type/style table do you have in your dining room? (Modern, traditional,
transitional, victorian, etc.) Also, if you have a wood table, what color is it stained or painted?

2) Do you have carpet, hardwoods, tile?

3) What is the mood you want to set in there?

I love the idea of lilac walls with white trim and ceiling. You could go in a couple different directions depending on what else you have in the room.

And Pam's right. It's just paint! If you don't like it, paint over it.

Helen said...

The color of the wood is light brown.
The carpet is light blue.
I suppose the mood I'm looking to create is cheerful.
Thanks, Katdish.